Greyhound Stadium Track Lighting

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Design & Install Replacement Cabling for Track Lighting

Manually measuring the track interior as required to produce the proposed designs for both the cable lengths and the position of the intended trench for the installation of the track lighting cables.
In-house production using CAD to create scaled working drawings, enabling accuracy of cable measurements required for the cable sizing calculations.
Digging the trench with the use of a mini digger
Trench backfilled with sand to protect cables from sharp objects
Cable pulling and installing
Cables installed side by side to allow for heat dissipation while under load
Once installed, the cables are covered in sand to protect from sharp objects when the trench is backfilled
Danger warning tape is laid before finally backfilling to prevent accidental damage in case of future excavation
Design of the proposed brick enclosures including cable duct positioning required to house the distribution board supplying the final lighting circuits
Installation of cable ducting set in concrete in the base of the proposed distribution board brick enclosure
Installation of cable ducting set in concrete in the base of the proposed distribution board brick enclosure
Weatherproofing the brick enclosure with a sloped felt roof
Design of the proposed cable entries to the distribution board via galvanised steel trunking, for final connection of the steel wire armoured cables
Distribution board complete with side mounted galvanised trunking required to allow for steel wire armoured cable glanding and space for ease of final connection to the circuit protection and terminal bars
Distribution board complete with mains incomer and final circuit cabling connected
Distribution Board Schedule with details of final circuit cable sizes, length of runs and actual voltage drop
Preparation of the light post mounting brackets for the control gear enclosures
Marking out and assembling the lighting control gear on the enclosure’s back plate
Scaled working drawing of the layout of the control gear to be mounted to the enclosure’s back plate for each light fitting
Control gear housing mounted at the base of a track light complete with a door mounted changeover switch to control a secondary light in case of main light failure during a race meeting

“As-Installed” scaled drawing showing the cabling installation layout in relation to the track lighting post positions
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