Natural, instantaneous and continuous sterilising

The sterilising effect of the sun and UV light on viruses and bacteria is well known. OXIZONE air sterilisers are designed to recreate and enhance this process by increasing the activated oxygen effect and creating plasma which further results in the breaking down the ‘envelope’ on viruses, destroying them rendering them harmless. 

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Why Choose Us?

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OXIZONE air sterilisers are used in many industries food preparation areas, hospitals, schools, care homes, bars and restaurants.

Air sterilisers are particularly important in communal office areas where they have a demonstrable effect on reducing transmission of not just Coronavirus but also common cold and seasonal flu.

Businesses that can demonstrate their commitment to providing a hygienic environment for staff and customers are likely to do better when they emerge from lockdown than those who do not. 

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Guaranteed Odour Eradication & Infection Control

  • Reduces harmful viruses in the air and on surfaces
  • Circulates fresh clean air
  • Breaks down unwanted bacteria
  • Attacks odours at their source
  • Removes unhealthy microbes and pathogens
  • Maintains sanitised surfaces
  • Stops mould and fungi growth
  • Improves air quality removing odour causing particles 24/7


A combination of technologies working together: 


  • Germicidal Irradiation by dual UV light (Ultraviolet) kills microorganisms (bacteria, viruses and mould) by disrupting their DNA and removing their reproductive capabilities.
  • PCO – Photocatalytic Oxidation, UV reacts with our Catalyst (Ti02) to form highly reactive but short lived oxidising Hydroxyl Radicals (OH) which break down Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).
  • Interaction of the Dual waveband UV with the TiO2 heterogeneous catalyst both creates and breaks down Oxygen molecules transforming Oxygen into a highly reactive states of Ozone and Superoxide Ions which leave the unit as “Plasma Quatro”.


  • The negatively charged Superoxide Ions charge airborne contaminates causing them to cluster together and fall from the air as they become too heavy, aiding all other processes. This can remove airborne particulates down to 0.0001 micron, that’s better than any HEPA filter.
  • Targeted Ozone produced via the specialist lamp gets the hardest to the hardest to reach areas breaking down contamination in the air and on exposed surfaces. Ozone damages the cell wall of microorganisms stopping reproduction and destroying the cell
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The unique balance of technology used by OXIZONE has been tried, tested and refined over many years to ensure the best achievable results with every unit is supplied.

  • Designed so that UV light cannot escape the unit from any angle making it completely safe to use in all environments.
  • Ozone levels used are substantially below the most stringent emissions regulations around the world.
  • All electrical connections enter at the rear so are completely shielded once mounted removing the risk of potential injury.
  • Continuous fan operation distributes sterilised and sterilising air throughout the room
  • Annual service including lamp change is required to maintain performance
  • Robust vandal resistant anodised aluminium casing
  • Wall or ceiling mountable on four screw points
  • Quickly wired into fused spur or to 3 pin plug
  • Double electrically insulated
  • No filters to change
  • Guaranteed odour control
  • Low power consumption

In just 8 hours, a single bacteria cell can multiply to over 8 million, meaning odours prevail and health risks increase.

OXIZONE controls and destroys harmful bacteria and viruses in the air and on surfaces 24 hours a day, 365 days a year with no ongoing user maintenance required.